Female Cenforce was designed solely to be used by women. Containing Sildenafil, it is helpful in treating and stimulating the female organs.
Female Cenforce

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50 pills$1.20$60.00
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1000 pills$0.25$250.00

Sildenafil Citrate medication, along with men, can also be used by women as per the prescription. It is helpful in improving the responsiveness of erogenous zones and simplifies the excitement process during sexual activity.

The medication is helpful in treating the dryness of female sex organs and to normalize the muscular tone. This also improves the release of natural lubricant, eliminating the physical discomfort and vaginal spasms during sexual activity.

The active constituent of Sildenafil Citrate is specially tailored to increase the sexual excitement and sensitivity of female sex organs. Take the drug after taking your doctor’s advice with regards to dosage. The drug is popular due to its effectiveness and proven to provide two times more sexual excitement that would be achieved without taking the drug.

Just like all other medications, it is highly recommended to consult your healthcare physician before starting to use Cenforce Sildenafil tablets. Moreover, you should also inform the doctor about all the existing medical conditions such as pregnancy or some cardiovascular history.

The recommended dosage is a maximum of 100mg daily. Based on tolerance and effectiveness, the dosage may be reduced to 50 mg. Take the drug with water and avoid taking the tablets with alcohol as it will reduce the effectiveness of the drug. The effects of the medication are expected to last for 4 hours and should be taken at least 30 minutes before sexual activity.

Similar to the usage of any other Sildenafil Citrate tablet, Female Cenforce may also cause some side effects. To avoid side effects and to increase the effectiveness of the medicine, always use them as per the prescription or instruction leaflet.

Some of the rare and common side effects of taking Female Cenforce include headache, nasal congestion, light perception, dyspepsia, indigestion and others. In case of some serious side effects like fainting or cardiovascular problems, seek medical assistance immediately.